Our Church

Serve with compassion.

This congregation’s mission in the name of Christ is to serve our community with compassion, teach the Good News, and share God’s love unconditionally.

Our services are held Sundays at 11:00 am, you may join us in person or online from our Facebook


Our Mission Statement

In the name of Christ;
serve with compassion,
teach the Good News,
and share unconditionally the love of God.

In the name of Christ, a profound and timeless call to action resonates, urging us to embody the essence of compassion and selflessness. We are beckoned to serve our fellow beings with unwavering kindness, to embrace their struggles and triumphs as our own.

This divine commission compels us to share unconditionally the boundless love of God, a love that knows no barriers or limits, embracing all with open arms. It is through our actions, through the profound sincerity of our deeds, that we truly honor the teachings of Christ and carry forth the legacy of his divine grace.

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