Halloween Activities

Trunk or Treat

A Fun, Family-Friendly Event!


It’s been a long-standing tradition in our community, and this year it will be held on October 31, 2023 from the hours 6-7:30. And we encourage children of all ages to come and participate, and we encourage volunteers who are passing out treats to decorate the trunk of their car and a traditional Halloween fashion. We also offer hot-chocolate and hot apple cider to all Trick-or-Treaters!

If you would like to be a volunteer, you must sign a Safe Sanctuary form available on the website. We also only provide pre-packaged candy and treats. If you would like to donate store bought treats, that is also encouraged.

Please contact Dale Thomas if you would like to become a volunteer, to the church with the subject line “Attention, Dale“ so we can direct your inquiry.


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